What is your shipping and return’s policy?

We offer free domestic shipping (1-3 business days) and returns as well as free international shipping (5-10 business days).

International returns are at your own expense but for international exchanges, the new replacement item will be shipped for free. Exchanges are subject to stock availability.

Cost for a second exchange (both domestic and international) will be solely covered by the customer.

Express shipping is available at an additional cost for both domestic and international shipments.

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How do I return a garment for an exchange or refund?

We're so sorry to hear that your purchase didn't work out for you! To request an exchange or refund please contact support@lisaqu.com with your name and order number for assistance. 


I’m between sizes – what should I do?

Our garments run a size smaller than typical US sizing e.g. US 4 is a LQ 2. If you are between sizes, we recommend you size down.

However, all brands size differently and while you may be a 4 in one brand, you could also be a 2 or a 6 in another.

It is best to refer to our size guide with your measurements for the most accurate fit. Alternatively, we suggest comparing the size guide of your favorite/best fitting brand to ours.

For further assistance on sizing please reach out to support@lisaqu.com.


My size isn’t available – when will you be restocking?

As we move into our next collection, we do not have immediate plans to restock current styles.

However, garments are occasionally returned or exchanged and your size might be back in stock briefly. To ensure you don’t miss out, reach out to support@lisaqu.com and ask to be notified if your size is back in stock.

It’s also worth signing up to our newsletter as we will send promotional emails advising of restocks.


Can your garments be tailored?

Our garments can also be tailored/taken in if you are close to the next size up. There is a 1” difference between each size. Contact support@lisaqu.com for further information on how to tailor your garments.

Please note that garments can be made smaller but not bigger and we do not recommend tailoring from more than one size above your normal size.


I’m hesitant to buy online without trying your clothes, do you have a store?

We take such great pride in the quality of our garments that we have chosen not to stock in any boutiques, department stores or online stockists. This decision was made based on the idea of controlling the quality of every garment that gets sent out – there’s nothing worse than finding lipstick stains on your dress!

If it’s a concern about quality, you should probably know that our garments go through up to four rounds of quality control – the first three with our factory and team and a final check at our warehouse before they ship. Garments with loose threads or damages are pulled from the inventory, marked with tape and reviewed. Anything that is considered even remotely damaged is immediately taken out of stock and will not be passed on to a customer!

(And don’t forget about free domestic returns!).

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When will you be releasing the new season?

We do product releases based on collections rather than seasons. We take great pride and care to release only the best products after they have been through extensive development, testing and quality control. Our designs take about half a year to develop and produce.
We would prefer to delay the release of a collection than to provide you with something we are less than 100% certain about and as such, we cannot provide specific dates on the launch of the next collection until a month before it’s ready. Consider signing up to our newsletter for the latest updates.
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I’d like to see a garment in another color, cut or size. Or I have suggestions on items I’d like to see more of.

Great! We LOVE to hear your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve and grow. If there’s something you’d like to see more of like another body-con dress or a camisole top in green, please don’t hesitate to let us know at support@lisaqu.com. We take all your suggestions into consideration when we develop new products!


Why do you use polyester and synthetics in your garments? Polyester seems cheap…

Great question! We often get asked about this and let us assure you, every consideration has been factored in when we choose our fabrics.

The polyester we use in our Japanese crepe is a high performance, luxurious option that out-performs your average polyester by far. Our polyester is much stronger, more moisture wicking and less prone to wrinkling, it also holds less moisture than wool and cotton so it dries quicker in warmer climates. While most polyesters you find in store are cheap, coarse and feel crunchy, our polyester is specially formulated to have a cool-to-touch, liquid sensation.

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Why don’t you use cotton in your garments? Isn’t that more sustainable?

Believe it or not, cotton is actually one of the least sustainable fabrics in the world due its high water consumption and the pesticides needed to maintain cotton crops. Most cotton crops around the world, aside from organic ones, use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which causes harmful health issues for the farmers, the land, soil and water ecosystems. It takes more than 20,000 litres (5,283 gallons) of water to produce just one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.


What’s #HeresYourQU?

#HeresYourQU is a campaign we recently did with 5 of Forbes’ 30 Under 30’s women. Our Forbes ambassadors are industry leaders in law, blockchain and technology and social entrepreneurship. They embody everything that is a LISA QU woman and reflect the values that we hold dear – female empowerment, self-love and confidence and sisterhood.

Our videos cover a range of different topics – career advice, mentorship, what it means to be a female industry leader, how to dress for success and their personal struggles on their rise to success. This is our time, our future, this is our cue.

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How do I care for my jewelry?

Due to the soft nature of the materials used, the earring post may be warped or bent with rough handling. This is not a product defect. Please handle with care and avoid sweat, water and cosmetic products such as lotions or perfume. Place your jewelry back in its case when not in use. It should be the last thing you put on before you leave the house and the first thing you take off when you return home.

Please note that the jewelry should not be cleaned in solution and should only be wiped with a microfiber jewelry cloth. Earrings and hairpins can not be returned for refunds or exchanges due to hygiene reasons.