Behind The QU

"I once had 100 pairs of pants re-sewn because there was a single line of stitching in the waistband that I thought wasn't straight. To say that I'm a perfectionist is an understatement..."

- Lisa Qu

It takes more than 4 rounds of design revisions, 5 months of product and fit development, 15 pairs of hands and up to 3 rounds of quality control before a single garment is allowed to leave the factory.

We take such great pride in our quality that we only produce quantities of 50-100 of each style at a time to ensure that each garment is given the attention to detail it requires.


BEHIND THE FABRIC: It all begins with touch.

Sourcing only from Japan, USA or Italy, the fabrics I choose come from the same mills that only top designer brands like Celine, Max Mara and Armani use. I spend over four weeks alone on choosing fabrics that I personally determine to be the best of the best.

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BEHIND THE FABRIC: Color me crazy.

It takes about ten weeks for the colors of my next collection to be custom dyed in Italy.

I would prefer to delay the release of my next collection than to release something in a color that I am less than 100% certain about…

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BEHIND THE DESIGN: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Still Can’t Draw.

Unlike most designers, my method of design does not involve sketching. My approach to design is signature to me and was developed through personal experimentation. I am one of very few remaining designers that will still personally pattern and draft the first prototype for their designs…

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BEHIND THE DEVELOPMENT: Fashion is About Engineering Fabric for the Body.

I spend months on the fit of a garment alone and base it off not only the proportions of the industry standard but also on the thoughts of a real woman who understands how clothes should feel…

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The garments go through two to three rounds of quality control – the first with the factory and the second/third with our team. Garments with any loose threads or even the slightest error are pulled from the inventory, marked with tape and reviewed…

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