Designed in NYC. Made in NYC.

Unlike most modern brands that have off-shored to Asia, my garments are still produced domestically in the USA and more specifically, in New York’s Garment District. I am a supporter and advocate of local artisans and labor and more importantly, of ethical production. I have the benefit of being able to personally oversee the standards and operations of my factory in New York.

I know each and every seamstress, tailor and worker in my factory and the roles they perform. My production costs are high but it’s worth it for the peace of mind that it gives not only myself but my customers.

Not only am I able to ensure the quality of the working standards but also the quality of the garments themselves. I am accessible for any problems that might arise and so immediate solutions are available. I know within the hour when there’s a problem with a batch of zippers or an issue with ironing a specific seam. Nothing proceeds in production without my immediate approval.

Also unlike most brands, I have the luxury of being able to oversee quality control myself. As a young, boutique brand, I am able to personally check the entirety of my inventory with my team before it’s sent off to my warehouse. I make no exaggeration when I say that every single garment is hand checked, hand steamed, and hand packaged before it’s sent to the warehouse and then you. Not a single loose thread is left untrimmed nor a mark left unchecked.

The process of quality control is incredibly labor intensive and makes up the remaining month before the collection is sent out. The garments go through two to three rounds of quality control – the first with the factory and the second/third with our team. Garments with loose threads or damages are pulled from the inventory, marked with tape and reviewed. Anything that is considered even remotely damaged is immediately taken out of stock and will not be passed on to a customer. We are only able to achieve this due to the low quantities we offer and because of the boutique nature of our brand.

We take such great pride in the quality of our garments that we have chosen not to stock in any boutiques, department stores or online stockists. This decision was made based on the idea of controlling the quality of every garment that gets sent out – I’d hate for a dress to arrive with a foundation mark or rip like you might see in a department store.