Lisa & Her Philosophy

With her Australian upbringing, her education at Parsons School of Design in New York and her Eastern heritage, Lisa has embodied the best of Eastern and Western design. Her creations are a fusion of classic, Western silhouettes and innovative origami techniques with a focus on functionality, versatility and comfort.

She is a firm believer that all women are powerful, sensual and unapologetically beautiful and that dressing for success is not limited to just blazers and pantsuits. It was from this ethos that LISA QU was born. 

The LISA QU lifestyle is about embracing the power that comes with being a woman. The modern woman is an achiever not a doer, she can be both a career woman and a mother, a jet-setter and a homemaker. She is anything and everything she wants to be. The LISA QU woman is an inspiration, not an aspiration. 

a person sitting at a table

LISA QU is designed and made in New York City. We strive to create high quality, ethical clothes that are built to last beyond the season and take you through your life’s events. 

Our garments are worn as stand-alone statement pieces for special occasions but also as your new daily essentials for work. They are designed to pair beautifully with existing items in your wardrobe and as styled sets from the collection. 

We encourage you to curate your wardrobe the way you would an art collection. 


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