How to Choose High Quality Clothing & Is It Worth the Money?

We can all fall victim to the easiness that comes with fast fashion but that doesn’t mean that we should. On almost a daily basis, we hear about fast fashion and its impact on the environment but we are also quick to forget about the impact fast fashion has on our wallets.

Designer clothes are often sold at exorbitant prices. Why? Because they can. A lot of designer brands choose to make insane margins on their products in exchange for the customer’s access to their brand name. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their products are expensive as a reflection of their quality or of their value but because of their heritage branding.

 I truly believe that collecting high-quality, timeless clothes is one of the best ways to approach sustainability in fashion. Let me tell you why:  

  1. Long-lasting Quality That Goes Beyond a Season

What does long-lasting quality mean? It refers to a garment that is destined to withstand the test of time and won’t fall apart after a few wears. It’s something that will last you years and years and perhaps might even be passed down to another generation someday.

  1. Timeless Designs to Last You an Eternity

Yesterday it was leopard, today it’s camo and tomorrow it’s 80’s neon’s. Trends come and go as quickly as the season (that’s why designers usually do seasons, to maximise their ability to profit off different periods of trends). Collections allow me to work on designs that are not limited to a specific period of the year or a trend timeline. I’m not pressured to conform to what everyone else is doing because what I try to create are clothes that go beyond a time period, that are classic but never boring or traditional, innovative without being outlandish.

To design something timeless I consider how this garment would look on a younger body now and how it would respond to a more mature physique later. Can the garment age as gracefully as you will? Will it still be appropriate in both style and in taste decades down the line? Will people look at it in 10, 20 even 30 years down the track and say “Wow, that’s classic but still so relevant”?

  1. Transitional and Flexible to Take You Everywhere You Need to Go

Travelling for work and for pleasure has become increasingly common and many of my clients take frequent trips abroad but hate carrying around heavy luggage. Enter transitional clothing. Transitional clothing involves designs that can be worn between different seasons and/or times. It’s something that can work for a Spring time brunch but also a boardroom meeting in a cooler month (with different accessories and styling of course!). I design my clothes to transition fluidly between seasons so you can wear it from one climate to the next but also so that they travel well and need little maintenance.  

  1. Multi-Purpose and Multi-Occasional

Transitional is similar to multi-purpose or multi-occasional. I distinguish multi-purpose as clothes that are transitional in that they can work for different events or occasions but can also be re-purposed with existing items in your wardrobe to create new looks. I design almost everything in my collection to be easily paired with items you already own like jeans or blouses etc. Multi-purpose clothes are very important in the sustainable fashion movement as they encourage you to make the most of the clothing that exists in your wardrobe already but also to be creative with what you purchase in the future.

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